Pauline at the beach



 It is the story of Pauline, a fifteen years old girl, at the end of the summer, on a beach near Grandville. It is the story of her cousin Marion, of Pierre, Henri, Sylvain and Louisette. It is their story. They are young and they want to love no matter what.



 We want to talk about love


We want to express this strong feeling we all share: state of latency, when our soul is volatile during the summer break or on a Sunday afternoon, when we can openly talk about love without necessarily experiencing it.

Our project is not didactique but evocative, it is not allusive but passionate, obsessed. Beyond “love at first sight”, beyond the philosophical speech, we will share more than anything else, the confusion that love creates.

The magnetic poles


I want the show to start with a prologue on a physical phenomenon: the reversing of the magnetic poles.

This phenomenon, proved by scientists but yet unexplained, takes place in the core of the earth, in its heart. The activity in our planet’s heart can disturb the magnetic lines and reverse our magnetic field.

It may be this kind of poetry that Rohmer is telling us through his characters.

Pierre is like earth, home, a peaceful shelter. Marion is like fire, blazing for love.

Henri is like air, free and volatile. Pauline is like water, on the move, an upcoming wisdom, a small and fragile porcelain doll eager to learn and understand.

Under our eyes this characters creates different ways of apprehending the world and argue about them.

We are “between vaudeville and metaphysics” as Pascal Bonitzer says.



Those who remember


Our artistic approach is not a tribute to Rhomer. We want to make this writing our own, with our imagination and our energy. We will use the power of drama, of theatre with a touch of humor and insolence. We work with the original screenplay but also other materials based on improvisations, stage compositions and visual effects that will resound with Rohmer’s words.

We don’t want to transpose the movie on the stage. We want to give the impression that we remember it.

Through this remembrance lays the company’s approach: to have a feel of this 1983 beach.


DIRECTION • Laurent Cogez


WITH • Carine Goron, Lucas Hérault, Marion Morvan, Blaise Pettebone, Nelly Pulicani, Maxime Taffanel

STAGE DESIGN • Alexis Héroult                                        

MUSIC AND SOUND • Nils Lamouche

LIGHTS • Philippe Lagrue and Pascal Noël                                 

COSTUME • Alexis Héroult and Elsa Bourdin

PRODUCTION • Camille Enault and Olivier Moralès               


DANCING CONSULTANT • Georgia Ives                                   


GRAPHICS • Carole Debrix                                                           

PHOTO CREDIT • Laure-Amélie Vilanova and Simon Gosselin


The Collectif Colette was in residence « Incubateur International » at the Carreau du Temple (2014-2015)

Pauline à la plage was created by the help of ARCADI Île-de-France (Plateaux Solidaires)

French Institute in Lebanon ; FRC MobÎle system (Roberto Cimetta Fund).






from 4 to 5 november 2016 -

Théâtre Sorano de Toulouse


from 5 to 6 april 2016 -

Scène nationale d'Alençon